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Kurds disappointed at EP-Socialists statement
Kurdish Government expressed its disappointment at the biased statement of the S&D group in the European Parliament regarding Kurdistan’s referendum.The European Kurdish Social Democrats (EuKSD) also condemn S&D group.

Kurds disappointed at EP-Socialists statement

by Roni Alasor

Brussels,  2 October 2017 - Middle East Diplomatic (MED) - Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) expressed its disappointment at the biased recent negative statement from the Socialists and Democrats Group (S&D) in the European Parliament regarding Kurdistan’s referendum.

Last Wednesday, right after the Kurdish independence referendum in 25 September 2017, Victor Boştinaru, a S&D MEP from Romania declared in a statement on behalf of the Socialists and Democrats Group, that he opposes the Kurdish self-determination rights, called the poll “counterproductive” and he supported “Iraqi’s integrity”.

In a press release, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s Mission to the European Union regretted the S&D position, which is in clear contradiction with the main social-democratic values.

“As the KRG leadership has stated from the onset, holding a referendum is not a provocative act toward anyone, nor is it a crime by any means. On the contrary, it is meant as a peaceful way by which the people of Kurdistan, like any other nation in the world, just express their aspirations. Has the right to self-determination not been one of the principles defended by social democracy?”, says the KRG statement.

The Kurdish Government also criticised S&D for calling the referendum “counterproductive measure to Iraqi unity”. The KRG Mission considers this a highly one-sided and counter-productive statement : “We take this occasion to ask the S&D group where their voice of concern was when Baghdad stopped the 17% budget share of the KRG from the Iraq’s total budget. Furthermore, has the S&D Group ever called the blockade of medicine and critical products by Baghdad authorities to the Kurdistan Region counterproductive in a time when Kurdistan’s Peshmerga is fighting against Daesh terror on behalf of the civilized world, including Europe, and in a time when the Kurdistan Region has been hosting almost 2 million displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees? Did the S&D made similar qualifications to the numerous violations of the Iraqi constitutions by subsequent governments in Baghdad since the constitution was approved in 2005? We would like to remind the S&D that it is exactly because of those and numerous other violations that the people of Kurdistan and its leadership have decided to hold a referendum”.

Moreover, KRG authorities call for more balanced position of the European Parliament, which could urge EEAS to reconsider its policy and formulate a new strategy on Iraq based on the post-ISIS reality.

Double standards on Palestinian and Kurdish self determination rights

The European Kurdish Social Democrats (EuKSD) also issued a statement to condemn the “scandal declaration by Romanian MEP Victor Boştinaru in the name of Socialist Group in the European Parliament against universal and fundamental rights of 45 million Kurds”.

EuKSD points out that the majority of Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan and Europe share social-democratic values and they are deeply disappointed by the reaction in the name of S&D Group. At the same time, the Kurdish Social Democrats initiative underlines the double standards on Palestinian and Kurdish self determination rights when European Socialists support and defend the existence of Palestinian state, but oppose the fundamental rights of the 4th largest nation in the Middle East.

In a letter, EuKSD asks to the President of Socialist & Democrats Group Gianni Pittella; the President of Party of European Socialists (PES) Sergei Stanishev; Socialist Prime Ministers in Europe/ Socialist governments / The Romanian Socialist PM Mihai Tudose, the Socialist International and the Global Progressive Forum:

 - Dear coleagues, we, a newly established group of Kurdish Social Democrats in Europe, ask and demand how and why Boştinaru undertook such dramatic initiative and mission against the oppressed Kurdish nation and who is behind his acts? Which “lobbyists and “advisors” were affecting such an act? Any Iranian and turkish involvement in this psycho-war against Kurds? Does S&D, PES and Socialist International are supporting the oppressors’ regimes crime policy against oppressed Kurdish nation?”.


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