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Democratic Federation can be model for all Syria
Rep. of different ethnical and religious minorities in Syria, international speakers, politicians and human right activists agreed that the model established as Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) can be a solotion for all country.

Democratic Federation can be model for all Syria

by Roni Alasor

EU-Parliament-Brussels, 10 April 2018 - Middle East Diplomatic (MED - In a conference on Syria in the EU parliament, representatives of different ethnical and religious minorities in Syria, international speakers, Members of the European Parliament and human right activists agreed that the model established as Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) can serve as an example of a solution throughout Syria. This democratic system allows peaceful and harmonious coexistence of Kurds, Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians, Chechens, Turkomans and Armenians in the same entity.

However, a permanent solution of the Syrian crisis can only be achieved, if all concerned parties, including northern Syria representatives, are included in the UN Geneva Peace Talks. This requirement, as well as several other points were included in the final statement of the conference’ delegates.

The participants and representatives of different ethnical and religious groups from Northern Syria / Rojava criticised hardly the Turkish and ISIS-elements occupation in Kurdish region Afrin. Speakers called the world to stop "The Turkish-DAESH terror and war on Afrin and the rest of the Syria". They underlined that "what happens now in Afrin is an example for what is going on in Syria in the last 6-7 years. Afrin was the only peaceful and safe region for hundred of thousands of people, including refugees from Syria. ISIS could not enter in this safe heaven region. But Turkey became more aggressive after that Kurds and Democratic Syrian Forces took ISIS capital and destroyed the rest of those criminals. This is why Turkey started the war and terror against Afrin and Kurds. Turkey actively supports all the criminal terror groups as Al-Qaida, Al Nusra-and the rest of the ISIS. Turkey is doing this very openly. There are many evidences that Turkey is supporting terrorist groups, but the world is deadly silent. As a result of this aggression, now more then 200.000 people from Afrin are displaced. 500.000 people have been affected by this war and terror. All these forcedly displaced refugees are living in difficult situation. Now UN and EU have to help these people to return back home safely”.

In a statement, the organisers and speakers summarised war situation in Syria as a brutal: “It has left many human tragedies, including civilians’ death, displacement, looting, chaos and destruction, as well as external interference in the domestic affairs of Syria. This situation has made Syria a source of spreading terrorism in the world and intimidating societies. The Syrian crisis reached a point that could not be ended, despite the international and regional efforts to hold dozens of international meetings, including UN Geneva Talks, Astana meetings and the so-called Sochi Conference. All these international attempts have had limited impact on finding a suitable solution to the crisis. The main reason for this failure is the exclusion of the main socio-political power, i.e. representatives of the DFNS, from those conferences, despite the success of the DFNS’ official military forces, i.e. the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in fighting Daesh’s terrorism and the ability to put forward a comprehensive political solution for the Syrian crisis”.

The conference organised by Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) together with the European Christian Political Movement (ECPM) and the European Syriac Union (ESU) took place in the European Parliament under the auspices of Branislav Skripek, Slovakian MEP, who opened the event.

Among the speakers were Sanharib Barsom, Co-President of Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS), Shahoz Alhassan, Hikmet Habib, Mohammad Alobed, Abdulrahman Hasan and Marwa Dreiey from DFNS Governing Board, Elisabeth Kourie, Co-President of Canton Jazira.  

 The participants call upon the EU, UN and international community:

1-To put efforts to ensure the participation of the northern Syria’ representatives in the UN Geneva Peace Talks.

2-To provide urgent humanitarian aid and to allocate the necessary fund for the re-construction of the liberated areas.

3-To condemn the Turkish aggression against north Syria and to pressure the Turkish state to withdraw its army from Afrin.

4-To provide the necessary measures for the safe return of Afrin civilians to their homes under UN observation.

5-To support the DFNS in the field of the protection of religions, humanitarian values and the co-existence between different ethnicities in northern Syria.

6-To develop mechanisms of co-operation between EU institutions and the DFNS in the education, health and relief sectors.

7-To develop co-operation and closer relations between women in the DFNS and the EU at all levels.

8-To co-operate with the DFNS on the return of refugees to their homeland.


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