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KCK supporters to avoid violent actions in Europe
KCK, one of the biggest Kurdish umbrella organisation, which is close to Abdullah Öcalan`s ideology, call to Kurdish community in Germany and Europe to avoid any provocative and violent actions. KCK call also Germany/Europe to respect Kurdish rights.

KCK supporters to avoid violent actions in Europe

By Roni Alasor

Brussels, 4 Sep 2018 - Middle East Diplomatic - One of the biggest Kurdish umbrella organisation in Kurdistan and in Europe, the Kurdistan Communities Union (Koma Civakên Kurdistan or KCK), which is close to Abdullah Öcalan`s ideology, calls to Kurdish community in Europe, particularly Germany to avoid any provocative and violent actions. KCK asks also German government and European countries to respect the right to demonstrate. 

The declaration from KCK Executive Council Co-Presidency underline that "Kurds living in Germany and Europe should carry out their actions within the framework of the law, avoiding excessive actions. We call also the German government to respect the Kurdish right for demonstrations and events and cancel to host Turkish president Erdogan who is head of the AKP fascism and enemy of democracy. Erdogans visit to Germany is an approach that will damage the German democracy and values of German people. The AKP should not have any influence on German law: Kurds should freely and democratically protest against the brutality of Erdogan’s regime against Kurdish people and isolation of Ocalan. German government should not assist the Erdogan’s regime and openly encouraging the attacks on democratic forces and the Kurdish people".

Kurdish lawyer and politician, Mr Zubeyir Aydar, who is also member of KCK Executive Council told to Middle East Diplomatic that “The KCK declaration is not new, we had also similar declarations earlier. But now we make more clear that no one in the name of Kurds can do any kind of violent actions in Germany. Off course this declaration include all European countries even that Germany was specific mentioned because of several reasons. At the same time, we ask also German government and European countries to respect the Kurdish democratic rights to demonstrate freely against the brutality of Erdogan’s regime. Germany and Europe should also not let Erdogan’s lobbyists go free to organise provocations even terror plans.”

The Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) or Koma Civakên Kurdistan) is a Kurdish Apoist political umbrella organization, supporting Abdullah Öcalan`s ideology of Democratic Confederalism. KCK has some hundred of different organisations in all parts of Kurdistan and Europe and influencing around 10 million of Kurds.  


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