Crimes against journalists continue -///=> ANP
Crimes against journalists continue
Only in 2018, so long at least 88 journalists have been killed. Last 10 years over 1100 journalist have been eliminated by criminal long arms of states. But the most of the reactions from governments are just a double moral.

Crimes against journalists continue

By Roni Alasor

Brussels, November 2018 - Middle East Diplomatic - Only this year, so long at least 88 journalists have been killed. In the last 10 years over 1100 journalist have been eliminated by the long arms of states and criminals.

The reactions from EU, US and UN against the brutal murdering of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is a good sign to protect the fundamental rights of journalists and freedom of expression. But the most of the reactions from states and governments are more than a double moral.

Turkish reaction regarding Khashoggi case can be interpreted as “positive step” but the Turkish regimes do not give any trust when Turkey is named as ``The World`s Biggest Prison For Journalists`` in 2018. In 1990s, over 20 Kurdish journalists have been killed by the paramilitary gangs but the world was just silent.

There are different way and methods use it to silence journalists, especially the investigating journalism. Its not just killing the journalists physically but putting them in jails and criminalisation are one of the most use it methods.

The independent and investigative journalists are also not safer in Europe. They are also killed, silenced and criminalised. The journalists who are targeted often investigating journalists against corruption, mafia and state crimes. In the last two years, all the journalists who have been killed in Europe were investigating criminal activities, misusing of EU funds /projects and involvement of politicians and governments money laundering. Worst is for female journalist and investigators. They are even threatened for sexual violence and rapes.

There are many journalists who are criminalised and provoked by the long arms of the criminal elements in the state systems which are stopping journalists to do their work. Foreign states and mafia involvements in money-laundering in Europe is not a new case, its including Iran and other brutal regimes in Middle East, Balkans and Caucasus. This is the main painful source which EU should put the finger and investigate the killings of journalists with a special committee. 

Usual formality speeches and show-statements is not enough to protect journalist. EU and UN should fight more clearly against all inhuman conditions, criminalisation, violence, brutality and terror against journalist. The fundamental rights for journalists and freedom of expression should be protected for truth and for justice.


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