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Tell Me How It Ends - The Lost Children
Mexican-American writer Valeria Luiselli : Thousands of children living in brutal conditions in USA under name of help and so called integration. The *helping system* is self catastrophic.

Tell Me How It Ends - The Lost Children

by Roni Alasor

Brussels, 21 June  2019 - Middle East Diplomatic - It was a great evening with Valeria Lusielli. The Mexican-American writer Luiselli visited Brussels again second time to present hers new books“The Lost Children” in the International house of literature in Brussels, Passaporta. She had around 200 English speaker guests, mainly Belgian-Flemish. Luiselli also signed her book “Tell Me How It Ends”.

Hers newest books “The Lost Children” and “Tell Me How It Ends” are not just fictions or adventure novels but “All-too realistic fairy tale and accusation” based in human pain and its socio-psychological dramas. Moreover, hers book are also literally highly intellectual, human and touching.

After many years working with immigrant children coming from South-central America to the North America (USA), she is writing the dramatically situation of many tens of thousands of children suffering because of US policy polarized by a "social-help" industry which is destroying thousands of children under name of “help" and so called "integration". The inhuman industry is organised by state-bureaucracy and the “sick social-psychological gangs” which we are also facing more and more here in Europe.

Luiselli books, which are actually based in documentary in immigration children and history of a divorced family where children become victims, describing the immoral injustices against children as a part of USA and Mexican state-governmental policies. Even so, those children are served by the controlled media as “illegal aliens”. But the fact is that those children are facing a brutal racism, anti phobia, discrimination, violence, criminality, narcotics, macho culture and are sex abused.

Juridical, social and psychological environments around those children is catastrophic. Many of those so called “child-psychologists” have self psychological problems, they feel them “happier” and "smiley in face book” when they are training them self over children and teenagers. The main question is how a mentally disordered "psychologist" or "helper" can help children-teenagers who are targeted as victim ? Is there any law and control organ for taking care about such kind of people ? Where is our moral and ethical values ?

However, the “illegal and criminal” children creating also a huge industry where the quality, experiences and human touch are extremely low. Many of those unqualified people in this “socio-psycho-justice” system have self serious psycho-social problems and someone even abusing alcohol or narcotics as well. Those workers who are “taking” care of children, missing also serious knowledge and experiences about the social and cultural background of those children. The children are often left in the hand of unsafe people. According Lusielli, those children are living in a kind of concentration camps or controlled “villages” where up to 14.000 immigration children living in bad conditions.


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