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Joint declaration against Turkey-Iran
Over 30 Kurdish political parties and organisations gathered in Brussels and issued a joint declaration against Russian backed Turkish and Iranian threat, terror and occupations in Kurdistan regions.

Joint Kurdish declaration against Turkey-Iran

by Roni Alasor

Brussels, 27 July  2019 - Middle East Diplomatic - Over 30 Kurdish political parties and organisations from Kurdish regions occupied by Turkey and Iran, including from Kurdistan Region (KRG), Rojava and Europe gathered in Brussels Press Club on 27 July 2019 in a 7 hours long conference and discussed latest developments in all parts of Kurdistan. Mr Mesud Barzani lead Kurdistan Democrat Party (KDP) and its affileted many organisations from all parts of Kurdistan were not attending in the conferance organised by Diplomatic Committee of Kudistan National Congress (KNK).

Representatives of political parties as well as many Kurdish politicians and intellectuals criticised US-EU-UN for closing eyes for the recent treats, occupation and killing of civilians by Turkish and Iranian military in KRG and in Rojava/North East Syria. Kurds criticising also Putin`s Russia for supporting the occopations of Turkish army in Kurdish region in Afrin which is now terrorised by islamic terror-gangs and NATO ally Turkish army.

Recently, June 2019, the Turkish army occupied some more strategic places in KRG, especially in Biradost, Kaleshin, Khakurk and Sidekan area, which is the triangle of Northern, Southern and Eastern Kurdistan. Turkey use its occupation as excuse for PKK activities in the region, but since 1990s many hundred of Kurdish villages have been destroyed and many KRG-citizen civilians lost their life. Iran’s attacks, killing of Kurdish civilians and destabilisation in KRG and Rojava was also underlined.

Joint Diplomatic Committee of Kurdistan Political Parties and Institutions as well as all participants of this Summit, suggest the following demands for the people of Kurdistan, all political parties and civil institutions, the Rojava Self-Administration and particularly the Kurdistan Regional Government which the occupied region of the South fall under its sovereignty:

-The Summit categorically condemns Turkey’s and Iran’s occupationist endeavours in Kurdistan and demands enhancing of liberating efforts at these occupations.

The Turkish state’s occupationist efforts in Southern Kurdistan obstructs the path of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement in Northern and Eastern Kurdistan. It also opens the way for the weakening of the Kurdistan Regional Government. It once again set the Kurds apart from one another, weakening the revolutionary forces. For this reason, it is necessary that all sides must consider the occupied lands as the core of Kurdistan. They must stand against the occupations and intensify their liberating works.

-Turkey’s air raids carried out from Zaxo to Qendîl are continued, resulting in significant loss of life and material damage to the local people. The Turkish army have evacuated many villages and set up permanent military complexes, signalling a permanent occupation. That is way all Kurdistanians should stand up against this occupation and actively raise their objection to it.

-The presence of guerrilla and pêşmerge in those regions is historic and legitimate. In all times, Kurdistan liberationists have taken to those areas where they establish their headquarters. This is their country and it is their national and patriotic rights. With national and patriotic sentiments, all Kurdistanian movements should neutralise the foes’ propaganda that their neighbouring states are attacked from those areas. Without a doubt, each part of occupied Kurdistan has its own characteristic that must be considered. But this does not mean that the Kurdistan liberationists should stay away from those borders set up by the occupiers of Kurdistan. Owing to this, these attacks and occupations must be condemned by a unified voice and the occupying forces must be expelled.

-Along resistance to occupation in Southern Kurdistan, Turkey’s occupation of Western Kurdistan extending from Efrîn to Azzaz, Bab and Jarablus must also be condemned. Demands must be made for Turkey to withdraw.

-The Iranian attacks must not be forgotten. Similarly, position must be taken against Iran’s invasion and its occupationist efforts in Kurdistan. The Iranian state must unconditionally end its invasion of the region. While Iran is under an international embargo, the best option for it is to engage itself in dialogue with the Kurdistanian circles and solve the problem in a peaceful manner.

-It is important to draw the attention of the Iraqi federal government to this issue, as Turkey has crossed the international border of Iraq. Turkey has violated the international and neighbourhood laws as well as the territorial sovereignty of Iraq. Turkey has continued its attack on Iraq’s territory, taking hold of an extensive area.

-In order to facilitate a timely preparation against these occupations, the Summit calls upon the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Kurdistan Patriotic Union as well as all Kurdistanian forces to organise joint meetings and take a joint stance.

-The Joint Diplomatic Committee of Kurdistan’s Political Parties and Institutions as well as all participating parties, institutions and individuals call upon the democratic world and the international community to take a stance against the occupationist efforts of Turkey in Kurdistan and raise their voices and their objections to it.


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