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Kurdish Rojin wins prestigious Belgium journalist prize
Rojin Ferho, a Kurdish-Belgian young journalist who is studying final-year journalism in Erasmushogeschool in Brussels was one of the few who received Belgium prestigious journalist prize. The prize was awarded by Belgium King Philippe.

Kurdish-Belgian Rojin Ferho wins prestigious journalist prize

by Roni Alasor

Brussels, 11 December 2019 - Middle East Diplomatic - The Kurdish-Belgian young journalist Rojin Ferho, who is studying final-year journalism in Erasmus high school in Brussels was one of the winner of the prestigious journalist prize. Together with hers colleagues, Rojin has been awarded hers price by the Belgium King Philippe in Royal Palace.

Picture from left to right : Andries Haesevoets (Flemish winner written press) - Olivia Grisard (French speaking winner written press) - Arnaud Bruckner (French speaking winner Belgodyssee and winner social media) - King Filip  - Daphne Fanon (French speaking winner best collaboration) - Rojin Ferho (Flemish winner Belgodyssee) - Kamiel Hammenecker (Flemish winner social media) - Charlotte Deprez (Flemish winner best collaboration). Photo: Statieportret Belgodyssee 2019 (credits: KBS).

The reporters of this fifteenth Belgodyssee have been up and running in recent weeks. The set-up has been the same for years: two final-year journalism students, one French-speaking and one Dutch-speaking, form a duo for two weeks. During that time they made reports for Metro, Radio 1, the newspaper L’Avenir and the RTBF. While they are making their report, the upcoming journalists are also active on the social media of Belgodyssee.

Seven teams were formed this year, so two of them were students of the Journalism course at the Erasmushogeschool in Brussels. Rojin Ferho and Candice Domingo were each linked to a French-speaking student. This time the students were presented with "Positive initiatives in the fight against climate change" as a theme for their report, not an easy subject. Of all the teams. Rojin Ferho made the best radio report on the Flemish side. She can go on a paid internship at the VRT for six months.

Rojin Ferho saying that she is very glad to receive a such prestige full journalist price together with other colleagues and she is very motivated for the new challenges. She looks forward for new success in hers journalist carrier. Rojin thanks to hers editorial colleague Gijs Ramboer from the Flemish public television VRT for a good cooperation, as well Rudi Vranckx, a well-known Flemish-Belgium war correspondent.

Speaking to Middle East Diplomatic, "I am particularly interested in the Middle East. I am concerned with extremism, the muslim societies and self-governed autonomous regions. I always had a weak heart for these topics, this is maybe because I am Kurdish” saying Rojin.

Source : Flemish Het Nieuwsblad  / RadioVisie.eu


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