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France-Kurdistan : Improving military cooperation
A military delegation of Kurdish Army Peshmerga visited France capital Paris for bilateral relations and closer military cooperation. The Kurdish delegation was honoured to participated in an official military ceremony in Paris.

France-Kurdistan : Improving military cooperation

by Roni Alasor

Brussels, 23 December 2019 - Middle East Diplomatic - A military delegation of Kurdistan’s Army Zerevani Peshmerga visited France capital Paris for bilateral relations and closer military cooperation between France and Kurdistan.

The Kurdistan military delegation was led by the Commander of Zerevani Special Forces Major-General Aziz Waysi Bani and accompanied with Major-General Bahjat Taymis Selki and General-Major Ghazi Ahmed. The Representative of Kurdistan Region to France, Mr. Ali Dolamari was among those in Kurdish delegation which was invited by French Army. Kurdish and France delegations had several meetings for future military cooperation in different fields.

The tree generals of the Kurdish Zerevani forces of Peshmerga participated also in an unique official ceremony in Paris and laid a wreath of flowers for the unknown soldier at the Arc de Trimophe monument, to “honour those who fought and died for France”. The Kurdistan delegation was carrying the Kurdish flag, wearing the Peshmerga military uniform while the French and Kurdistan flag was raised alongside during the ceremony.

During the ceremony, the Major General Aziz Waysi told to the Kurdish media that it was great honour for him and his military colleagues to be invited by French military counterpart. “Its a significant day and great feeling because it is the first time in France’s history that the Kurdish military lights the ‘triumph’ fire for the French unknown soldiers” said General Aziz.

After the official ceremony and meetings in France, the Kurdish military delegation paid also a visit to Brussels, the EU capital where NATO head quarter is located. Before taking off to Kurdistan capital Erbil, the delegation visited Mr Delawer Ajgeiy, the Head of the Mission of Kurdistan Region to EU. Mr Ajgeiy welcomed the other EU countries to follow France for closer cooperation for mutual interests. 

Speaking to Middle East Diplomatic, Major-General of Zerevani Forces Bahjat Taymis Selki underlined the historical importance of visit from Kurdish military generals to France : “The Kurdish and France relations are historical. Our nations improving our relations in the different fields. During war on terror against ISIS, Kurds received a great support from France and we have a good cooperation also in the military levels”.


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