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Migrants bazar between Turkey and EU
Many tens of thousands of migrants from Asia and Syria sent by Turkey to Turkish-Greek border where the victimised migrants are living in desperate situation.Now Erdogan threatening the EU for more money otherwise he will sent one million migrants to EU.


by Roni Alasor

Brussels, 7 March 2020 - Middle East Diplomatic Last week, Turkey sent many tens of thousands of migrants from Asia and Syria to the Turkish-Greek border where the victimised migrants are living in desperate situation. Now, Turkey is threatening the EU countries to send a million of migrants and pushing for more billions of Euro to support its economical crises and to finance its islamist-nationalist war against Kurds and Syria. But Turkey is afraid to open the Turkish-Bulgarian border for migrants because of fear to not give excuse to Bulgaria and EU to stop the Kapikule which is main gate of Turkish trade to Europe and relations with Balkan countries.

By threatening the EU for a new wave of migrants, the main goal of Erdogan is to put more pressure on the EU in order to receive more money, but so long, the EU "refuses further payment and calling Erdogan to respect the migrant deal"  signed between Turkey-EU in 2016. The EU officials saying that Erdogan’s use of desperate-immigrants for further payment from the EU creating anger and its not acceptaable.

After the following an emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers in Zagreb, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, called Erdoğan’s move to open Turkey’s border with Greece an unacceptable way to push for further money.

Greek Foreign Minister Nikolaos Dendias accused Turkey of having created and  orchestrated the current wave of migrants, who have gathered at the Turkish-Greek border in the thousands. The EU will not allow the instrumentalisation of human suffering, the minister was quoted by Financial Times.

A senior EU diplomat saying that "the statements from EU officials and Greek FM is not more than a political-defence because the EU already gave green sign to Erdogan to come to Brussels first time after many years. This is a victory for Erdogan in a very difficult time when he is confronting with everyone".

The Turkish-EU bazar over victimised migrants will be discussed in EU capital in Monday and a renewed deal will show who is the main winner of the "Migrants-Bazar".

The EU has already paid Turks three billion Euros and will pay out the remaining funds, some three billion Euros, to specific projects by the end of 2020.


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