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Putin backs Turkish bombing against Kurds
Putin supports Turkish bombing against Kurds in Rojava while NATO, US, EU, UN and international community is deadly silent over the state terror and massacres. Turks use NATO-Western weapons, EU-leaders Germany and France play three monkeys emoji.

Putin backs Turkish bombing against Kurds


by Roni Alasor

Brussels,  21 January 2018 - Middle East Diplomatic (MED) - NATO-country Turkey continues bombing Kurdish Afrin region with over 70 war-planes and made big damages, including civilian targets.

The attack has been approved by Russian Putin and has been carried with the use of NATO-Western weapons. NATO, US, EU, UN and international community is deadly silent over the state terror and massacres against Kurds. The EU-leader countries Germany and France play three monkey emoji and at the same time current EU Presidency leaded by Bulgarian Borisov supports Erdogan “in all means before he will also occupy Bulgaria” ! The Turkish war against Kurds is also supported by Syrian-Assad regime and Iranian Mullahs.

According local sources from Afrin, the Turkish bombardment targeted Kurdish Afrin city centre as well as its Shera, Sherawa, Raco and Bilbile districts. As a result of the heavy airstrikes, already in the first days of bombing Turks killed and wounded many Kurdish civilians. Five of the wounded are in critical conditions and many others are children. Turkey also uses the Syrian-Turkic islamist terror groups from east-south of Afrin region and north-west position / in Turkish borders.

Turks could not attack Kurds without Putin’s green light to terror

The Turkish attacks came right after Turkish-Russian deals last Friday in Moscow when Turkish and Russian military-security chiefs held a meeting against Kurds. Following the deal, Putin gave his approval to Turks to use Syrian air space to bomb Kurdish Afrin city with at the least 70 war-planes. Just before the attacks against Afrin, in the last “secret meetings” with Kurds, Russians used “turkish fears” as a part of psychological war affairs against Kurds to leave the region to the Syrian-Asad regime.

Kurds warned Russian already before attacks to not be used by Turks, who support the Islamic terror gangs.

Rojava Kurds in Northern Syria and Kurdistan Region have been fighting against turkish supported Islamic terror gangs and ISIS criminals since 2012 and they lost at the least over 15.000 lives and 20.000 wounded bodies.

The Turkish bombing with Russian support and deadly silence of NATO, US, EU, UN and international community create anger among all Kurdish communities in all parts of Kurdistan including millions of Kurds living in EU and Russia.

Kurdish political parties and organisations call for urgent mobilization and action to defend Afrin. EU security-intelligent units are warning for confrontations between millions of Kurds and turkish nationalist-islamic gangs in EU after Turkish aggression against Kurds.


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