Putin backs Turkish bombing against Kurds

» Putin backs Turkish bombing against Kurds
» Federalist system for Iran to insure democracy
» Bulgaria took over the EU Presidency
» Kurds ask international support for peace
» Peaceful march for Catalan independence in Brussels
» Armenia is ready for democratization
» US-West fears Iranian growing influence
» CIA: Iran is at the centre of problems in the Middle East
» European Kurds to establish Consultation Summit
» Kurds disappointed at S&D statement on Kurdistan
» New EU Prosecutor`s office to investigate financial crimes

Putin supports Turkish bombing against Kurds in Rojava while NATO, US, EU, UN and international community is deadly silent over the state terror and massacres. Turks use NATO-Western weapons, EU-leaders Germany and France play three monkeys emoji. ...
» EU Parliament calls to freeze Turkey’s negotiations
» Hicri: Progressive forces should support democracy in Iran
» EU Parliament’s Ezidi Friendship Group launched
» Brende: Europe should act more globally
» Kerry pushes EU for effective war against jihadists
» Kurds deplore Erdogan`s parallel state in Belgium
» Yurdatapan: EU should be tougher with Erdogan
» Thousands of Kurdish teachers suspended in Turkey
» EU strengthens anti-terror legislation
» Socialist International supports Kurdish self-determination
» Kurdish Intell. official asks effective help to defeat ISIS
» Kurdistan deserves an amicable divorce from Baghdad
» Preventing radicalisation among European Muslims
» Promising relations between Flanders and Kurdistan
» EU Socialists: Immediate ceasefire needed in Turkey
» EP-Kurdish Conference calls for a peaceful-democratic solution
» Nobel Peace Prize Laureates call for peace in Turkey
» EP Socialist Group urges Turkey to return to peace process
» Dutch-EU Presidency calls Kurds and Turkey to resume peace process
» HDP-Baydemir: Kurds are facing a brutal massacre in Turkey
» Kurds urge the world to stop Turkish massacres
» Kurdish forces liberated Shengal from ISIS gangs
» EU urges Turkey to re-launch peace process with Kurds
» EU Chiefs of Defence met in Brussels
» Belgian senators call for support to Kurdistan Region
» Turkey: Terror and violence against Kurdish civilians
Rojhilat parties boycott elections in Iran

Six Kurdish political parties from Rojhilat urged the Kurdish people to boycott the upcoming Iranian Mullahs undemocratic presidential and local elect...

Faylee and Anatolian Kurdish Conferenece in EP

EU Parliament hosted two international conferences on the current situation of Faylee and Anatolian Kurds. Speakers and experts called Iraqi-Iranian a...

EU leaders declare unity and strength

On the eve of EU’s 60th anniversary this weekend in Rome, EU leaders declare unity and strength to address the new world challenges. The EU chiefs p...

Belgium and EU commemorate terror victims 2016

Belgium and EU leaders commemorate terror victims from 22 March 2016 when over 30 people were killed and more than 260 were injured....

First Kurdish Minister in Europe

Zuhal Demir, a Belgium lawyer and politician with Kurdish origin has been nominated as Secretary of State. Its first time that a Kurdish lady has been...

Council of Europe urges Turkey to restore freedoms

Council of Europe urges Turkey to restore freedom of expression and media freedom in order to protect the basic democratic rights in the society: The ...

Radical Islam wide-spreading in Belgium

According to a leaked report by the Belgian Coordination Unit for Threat Analysis (OCAM), radical Islam is spreading in Belgium through the "Salafist ...

Kurdish-EU conference calls Turkey for dialogue

The two days International Kurdish conference hosted by three political groups in the EU Parliament calls Turkey for peace and dialogue with the Kurds...

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