EU aiding Mozambique to combat ISIS terror

» EU aiding Mozambique to combat ISIS terror
» Do the EU financing islamist terror groups ?
» Turkish bombardment killed many tourist in Kurdistan
» Peaceful Norway rocket by islamist-terror
» Yezidi victims to file lawsuit against ISIS collaborators
» EU-NATO Summits: More military defence
» Espionage against EU institutions is growing
» Turkish team suspected for assassinations in Brussels
» Will EU reassess its role in a new world ?
» Impressive Peshmarga Exhibition in Brussels

EU had approved an additional 15 million Euros aid to support Mozambique also militarily in fight against different versions of the ISIS terrorists jihadists. ...
» Kurds: Stop brutal Iranian terror regime
» “We should assassinate KCK-leaders in Europe”
» Over 60 journalists killed in 2020
» Drug overdose kills 10.000 people in Europe
» “Human rights of care home residents violated”
» EPP call EU to unite against Islamist terrorism
» General Karayilan denies involvement in Nagorno-Karabakh war
» King’s “dirty laundry” became princess
» Did MİT plan to assassinate European politicians?
» UN: Turkish-jihadists commit war crimes in Rojava
» Will the EU impose sanctions agaainst Turkey ?
» They kill my son in the front of our eyes ...
» Successful Kurdish studies despite C19-pandemic
» Attack against historical Ezidi cemetery
» EU and Prestigious NGOs call Erdogan for amnesty
» Femicide increasing in islamist Turkey
» Migrants bazar between Turkey and EU
» EUTCC conf: Stop Turkey’s ethnic cleansing in Rojava
» Belgium as new boss of UN Security Council
» Belgium is divided on PKK
» NATO is not agree with Turkish occupation in Rojava
» France-Kurdistan : Improving military cooperation
» Rojava Conf. in EP: Stop Turkish-ISIS war crimes
» Kurdish Rojin wins prestigious Belgium journalist prize
» Turkey planned to attack Armenia
» “ISIS leaders plotting terror from Turkey”
» Challenges of Radicalisation in Prison
» Yezidi-Kurds ask EU for help
Rojava-NES people call for a no-fly zone

People in Rojava and NES Autonomous region call to UN, EU, USA, Russia and international communities for no-fly zone against terror and occupations th...

Kurdish Conference calls for National Unity

The Kurdish "National Conference Against Occupation" calls the peoples of the Kurdistan to unite and fight against Islamic terror states to defend the...

NES-Rojava urges NATO Summit for help

Ahead of NATO summit on 14-15 June, the self-government of North and East Syria (NES/Rojava) urges NATO Summit to stop Turkey’s daily attacks and it...

Teenager committed suicide after gang-rape

“Full freedom” without responsibility of parents cost life and create crimes: A 14 year-old girl killed herself after that she has been assaulted ...

“ISIS and radical-Islamist terror is still a threat”

Minister of NES-Rojava Dr Abdulkarim Omer warning US-EU-NATO-Russia-China : “ISIS and radical-Islamist terror is still a threat to the world – NAT...

EU sending humanitarian aid to NES-Rojava region

EU planning to send humanitarian aid to the North East Syria (NES-Rojava) region because the humanitarian situation has been heavily impacted after cl...

Attacks against women journalists increasing

Women journalists are especially vulnerable in worldwide. Just in the last months, around over 100 cases of threats, assaults, and arrests of women jo...

General Mazlum welcomes EU resol on Turkey-ISIS

The General Commander of anti-ISIS/terror forces SDF, Mazlum Abdi welcomes the EU resolution which highlights SDF`s importance in the fight against IS...

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