“Human rights of care home residents violated”

» “Human rights of care home residents violated”
» EPP call EU to unite against Islamist terrorism
» General Karayilan denies involvement in Nagorno-Karabakh war
» King’s “dirty laundry” became princess
» Did MİT plan to assassinate European politicians?
» UN: Turkish-jihadists commit war crimes in Rojava
» Will the EU impose sanctions agaainst Turkey ?
» They kill my son in the front of our eyes ...
» Successful Kurdish studies despite C19-pandemic
» Attack against historical Ezidi cemetery

When Covid-19 hit, many elderly left to die: A investigation report from Amnesty International shows that the Belgium authorities was acting too late during Covid-19 to save the life of many people. ...
» Kurdish Rojin wins prestigious Belgium journalist prize
» Turkey planned to attack Armenia
» “ISIS leaders plotting terror from Turkey”
» Challenges of Radicalisation in Prison
» Yezidi-Kurds ask EU for help
» Who killed over 200 civilians in Turkey ?
» Drug kills approx 10.000 people in Europe
» Joint declaration against Turkey-Iran
» Tell Me How It Ends - The Lost Children
» EU elections: EPP and S&D lost around 80 seats
» Netanyahu gains majority for new government
» First Armenian church opened in capital of Kurdistan
» Belgium shames over the past colonial crimes
» Kurds declares victory over ISIS
» US Senator’s call for to protect Kurds
» EU imposes sanctions on Iran for terror in Europe
» Anti-terror cooperation between EU and Kurdistan
» Crimes against journalists continue
» International Day of the Teenager girls alarming
» ISIS sex-slave awarded for 2018 Nobel Peace Prize
» EU cut €70 million from Turkish pre-accession funds
» Six Kurds gain place in Swedish parliament
» KCK supporters to avoid violent actions in Europe
» Kurdish refuge receive highest honour in mathematics
» Turkish assimilation against Kurdish culture continue
» Democratic Federation can be model for all Syria
» MEPs urge EU-leaders for serious violations in Turkey
Femicide increasing in islamist Turkey

Since 8th March 2019, in one year, totally around 520 women has been killed in Turkey. The number of killed women before the islamist-nationalist AKP ...

Migrants bazar between Turkey and EU

Many tens of thousands of migrants from Asia and Syria sent by Turkey to Turkish-Greek border where the victimised migrants are living in desperate si...

EUTCC conf: Stop Turkey’s ethnic cleansing in Rojava

The EUTCC’s Annual International Conference on the EU, Turkey, the Middle East and the Kurds, calls to the EU-UN-US-Russia to stop Turkey’s ethnic...

Belgium as new boss of UN Security Council

From 1st of February 2020, Belgium is going to lead UN Security Council to put its vision of multilateralism based on preventive diplomacy and dialogu...

Belgium is divided on PKK

While Belgian Court of Cassation decided that the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) can’t be classified as a terrorist organisation, the Belgium Governm...

NATO is not agree with Turkish occupation in Rojava

Speaking in the EU Parliament, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told that NATO is not agree with Turkish occupation in North East Syria/Rojava....

France-Kurdistan : Improving military cooperation

A military delegation of Kurdish Army Peshmerga visited France capital Paris for bilateral relations and closer military cooperation. The Kurdish dele...

Rojava Conf. in EP: Stop Turkish-ISIS war crimes

The international conference held in the EU parliament on Rojava/N.E. Syria, call to "the EU, UN and international community to stop Turkish-Daesh ter...

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