281 billion profits of Ukrano-Rusky war

» 281 billion profits of Ukrano-Rusky war
» Iranian islamist regime executes 4 Kurdish prisoners
» Belgium charging a Syrian for war crimes
» Turkey continues bombarding Rojava infrastructure
» Armenian tragedy protested in Brussels
» Who tried to kill the Kurdish anti ISIS General?
» Yezidi-women victimised by ISIS, thank Belgium
» President Christodoulides asks EU to break the deadlock
» Turkey continue to block NATO
» Turkish regime to face International Criminal Court

Worlds five biggest oil companies already got around 281 billion USD as profits of Ukrainian-Russian war which cost more than 10,000 of human lives. ...
» Do the EU financing islamist terror groups ?
» Turkish bombardment killed many tourist in Kurdistan
» Peaceful Norway rocket by islamist-terror
» Yezidi victims to file lawsuit against ISIS collaborators
» EU-NATO Summits: More military defence
» Espionage against EU institutions is growing
» Turkish team suspected for assassinations in Brussels
» Will EU reassess its role in a new world ?
» Impressive Peshmarga Exhibition in Brussels
» KURDS: OPCW to investigate TURKEY’S WMD
» Rojava-NES people call for a no-fly zone
» Kurdish Conference calls for National Unity
» NES-Rojava urges NATO Summit for help
» Teenager committed suicide after gang-rape
» “ISIS and radical-Islamist terror is still a threat”
» EU sending humanitarian aid to NES-Rojava region
» Attacks against women journalists increasing
» General Mazlum welcomes EU resol on Turkey-ISIS
» Kurds: Stop brutal Iranian terror regime
» “We should assassinate KCK-leaders in Europe”
» Over 60 journalists killed in 2020
» Drug overdose kills 10.000 people in Europe
» “Human rights of care home residents violated”
» EPP call EU to unite against Islamist terrorism
» General Karayilan denies involvement in Nagorno-Karabakh war
» King’s “dirty laundry” became princess
» Did MÄ°T plan to assassinate European politicians?
» UN: Turkish-jihadists commit war crimes in Rojava
MEPs call EU-NATO-UN to act against state terror

Fifty Members of the EU Parliament (MEPs) calls to the EU, NATO and UN to act now against the Turkish and Iranian state terror targeting Kurds: Raise ...

EU voice concern over Turkish operation


EP report: Racism is on the rise in EU

EP’s first racism report : Racism is on the rise in all around the European Union. If we do not act, we give racism fertile ground to grow and ...

Demand : UN to investigate Turkish use of chemical weapons

After systematically allegations based in pictures and video-records from Kurds and a recent report from International Physicians for the Prevention o...

Turkey arrested 11 Kurdish journalists, 7 women

Turkey arrested newly 11 Kurdish journalists, 7 of them are women. Thus, the number of journalists detained and arrested increased to 46. Almost are K...

Thousands marched for Kurdish women in Brussels

More than 2,000 people gathered in Brussels on Saturday marched against the Iranian islamist-regime in solidarity with Kurdish and Iranian women after...

Narco violence and terror increasing in Belgium

Belgium Federal Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne is under terror threat of the criminal-narco gangs. Mr Van Quickenborne has been given incre...

EU aiding Mozambique to combat ISIS terror

EU had approved an additional 15 million Euros aid to support Mozambique also militarily in fight against different versions of the ISIS terrorists j...

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