» Turkey continue to block NATO
» Turkish regime to face International Criminal Court
» The mystery of the disappearance of Sombath
» MEPs call EU-NATO-UN to act against state terror
» EU voice concern over Turkish operation
» EP report: Racism is on the rise in EU
» Demand : UN to investigate Turkish use of chemical weapons
» Turkey arrested 11 Kurdish journalists, 7 women
» Thousands marched for Kurdish women in Brussels
» Narco violence and terror increasing in Belgium

A survey shows clearly that at the least half of scientific researchers worldwide are reported as victim of workplace for sexual harassment. Only 33 percent of are women. Credit : Duy T. Nguyen- NewsWSU ...
» Impressive Peshmarga Exhibition in Brussels
» KURDS: OPCW to investigate TURKEY’S WMD
» Rojava-NES people call for a no-fly zone
» Kurdish Conference calls for National Unity
» NES-Rojava urges NATO Summit for help
» Teenager committed suicide after gang-rape
» “ISIS and radical-Islamist terror is still a threat”
» EU sending humanitarian aid to NES-Rojava region
» Attacks against women journalists increasing
» General Mazlum welcomes EU resol on Turkey-ISIS
» Kurds: Stop brutal Iranian terror regime
» “We should assassinate KCK-leaders in Europe”
» Over 60 journalists killed in 2020
» Drug overdose kills 10.000 people in Europe
» “Human rights of care home residents violated”
» EPP call EU to unite against Islamist terrorism
» General Karayilan denies involvement in Nagorno-Karabakh war
» King’s “dirty laundry” became princess
» Did MİT plan to assassinate European politicians?
» UN: Turkish-jihadists commit war crimes in Rojava
» Will the EU impose sanctions agaainst Turkey ?
» They kill my son in the front of our eyes ...
» Successful Kurdish studies despite C19-pandemic
» Attack against historical Ezidi cemetery
» EU and Prestigious NGOs call Erdogan for amnesty
» Femicide increasing in islamist Turkey
» Migrants bazar between Turkey and EU
Do the EU financing islamist terror groups ?

A newly invistigation publicized by Global Influence Operations Report (GIOR), the European Union and member states funds Islamist Groups with 33.4 mi...

Turkish bombardment killed many tourist in Kurdistan

The islamist Turkish state bombardment struck a tourist resort in Duhok’s Zakho district in the Federal Kurdistan Region (KRG) killed and injured ar...

Peaceful Norway rocket by islamist-terror

Islamist terror rocked the peaceful Norway. At the least two victim lost their life and more than 20 people were wounded. Norwegian security service ...

Yezidi victims to file lawsuit against ISIS collaborators

The French appeals court upheld the earlier Court de Cassation decision that a ISIS collaborators company, Lafarge must face charges of complicity in ...

EU-NATO Summits: More military defence

In the shadow of the Russia-Ukrainia war, NATO states and members of EU countries will increase its military spending and strengthen the Eastern Europ...

Espionage against EU institutions is growing

The recent reports underlining that the EU institution are facing more and more foreign interference and espionage. Now, the EU calling on the host co...

Turkish team suspected for assassinations in Brussels

A court case against the Turkish intelligence and assassination team is in the Brussels Palace of Justice. According to thousands of pages of Belgian ...

Will EU reassess its role in a new world ?

President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine motivating EU politicians to reassess Europe`s role in a new world. The EU politicians believe that EU should ...

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