“ISIS leaders plotting terror from Turkey”

» “ISIS leaders plotting terror from Turkey”
» Challenges of Radicalisation in Prison
» Yezidi-Kurds ask EU for help
» Who killed over 200 civilians in Turkey ?
» Drug kills approx 10.000 people in Europe
» Joint declaration against Turkey-Iran
» Tell Me How It Ends - The Lost Children
» EU elections: EPP and S&D lost around 80 seats
» Netanyahu gains majority for new government
» First Armenian church opened in capital of Kurdistan
» Belgium shames over the past colonial crimes

Lt. Gen. Saad al-Allaq, the head of the Iraqi military intelligence chief said that leading members of the Islamic terror State (ISIS) are plotting their terror actions from Turkey after taking refuge in there. ...
» Six Kurds gain place in Swedish parliament
» KCK supporters to avoid violent actions in Europe
» Kurdish refuge receive highest honour in mathematics
» Turkish assimilation against Kurdish culture continue
» Democratic Federation can be model for all Syria
» MEPs urge EU-leaders for serious violations in Turkey
» The challenge of jihadist radicalisation in Europe
» Erdogan to face Peoples’ International Tribunal
» United Kurds Urge UN-EU-NATO for Afrin
» EU build its own military pact, PESCO
» Turkey continues Afrin bloodshed amid UN resolution
» EU Parliament strongly criticizes Turkish violence
» Putin backs Turkish bombing against Kurds
» Federalist system for Iran to insure democracy
» Bulgaria took over the EU Presidency
» Kurds ask international support for peace
» Peaceful march for Catalan independence in Brussels
» Armenia is ready for democratization
» US-West fears Iranian growing influence
» CIA: Iran is at the centre of problems in the Middle East
» European Kurds to establish Consultation Summit
» Kurds disappointed at S&D statement on Kurdistan
» New EU Prosecutor`s office to investigate financial crimes
» NATO to be member of the Global Coalition
» Rojhilat parties boycott elections in Iran
» Faylee and Anatolian Kurdish Conferenece in EP
Kurds declares victory over ISIS

The last bastion of jihadist ISIS gangs, Baghouz in Deir al-Zor province in North East Syria, will be taking by Kurds very soon. The victory over ISIS...

US Senator’s call for to protect Kurds

US Senator’s lead by Sen. John Kennedy and Sen. Marco Rubio call for authorization of force to protect Kurds in Rojava before they will be slaughter...

EU imposes sanctions on Iran for terror in Europe

The EU decided sanctions on Iranian secret service for assassination plans in Europe. The decision came after the framework of investigations in Denma...

Anti-terror cooperation between EU and Kurdistan

Fruitful anti-terror cooperation between EU and Kurdistan: EU security officials confirmed to continue support Kurdistan Region’s security sector an...

Crimes against journalists continue

Only in 2018, so long at least 88 journalists have been killed. Last 10 years over 1100 journalist have been eliminated by criminal long arms of state...

International Day of the Teenager girls alarming

Today is International Day of the teenager girls, but situation for the children in all over the world is alarming. Around 600 million of girls in poo...

ISIS sex-slave awarded for 2018 Nobel Peace Prize

The Kurdish-Yezidi women Nadia Murad who has been kidnapped, tortured and raped by Islamic State terrorists, became a symbol of campaign for hers Yezi...

EU cut €70 million from Turkish pre-accession funds

EU Parliament cut €70 million in pre-accession funds earmarked for Turkey because no improvement in respect for human rights and EU values. The aid ...

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