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Rojava-NES people call for a no-fly zone
People in Rojava and NES Autonomous region call to UN, EU, USA, Russia and international communities for no-fly zone against terror and occupations they face daily.

Rojava-NES people call for a no-fly zone

By Roni Alasor

29 October, 2021 - Middle East Diplomatic - Kurds, Araps and different ethnical and religious groups in Rojava and Northern-East part of Syrian’s Autonomous regions call to UN, EU, USA, Russia and international communities for no-fly zone against terror and occupations of the neighbouring countries, first of all Turkey and its islamic terror gangs.

Syrians and Kurds calling for a no-fly zone to be installed immediately on the regions where ISIS was defeated  to prevent Turkish war planes to target and strike such areas.

Turkey and its Islamic terror gangs which are operating under different kind of names has already occupied nearly halve part of Rojava- Northern-East part of Syria. Violence, terror, kidnapping, rapes and any kind of violence become as part of daily life for Kurds and other ethnical minorities who dosent wish to live under occupation and terror.

Speaking in a protest rally Heseka region, Mohamed Ebid Khilef a TEV-DEM administrator condemned strongly the continued Turkish terror-war-occupation against the region denouncing as well crimes committed by the Turkish occupation state lately in Kobane via drones.

One other citizen of NES region, Sheikh Ahmed As`ed hailed the role played by the Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF, ``in repelling to attacks carried out by the Turkish occupation forces and the affiliated mercenary groups on Syrian soil”.

Sheikh Ahmed called on the international community for a “no-fly zone be installed on NES to stop attacks by the Turkish occupation army and to put an end to crimes committed against civilians.``


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