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Kurds: Stop brutal Iranian terror regime
Over 250 Kurdish politicians and academics from all parts of Kurdistan regions call to the UN, US, EU and democratic forces in the world to act against the brutality of the Iranian mullah regime.

Kurds calling to stop brutal Iranian terror regime

by Roni Alasor

Brussels, 25 February 2021 - Middle East Diplomatic - Over 250 Kurdish politicians and academics from all parts of Kurdistan regions call to the UN, US, EU and democratic forces in the world to act against the brutality of the Iranian mullah regime against Kurds and other ethnical and religious minorities in Iran.

Since the beginning of 2021, at least 91 Kurdish citizens, including human rights activists, environmentalists, and artists, were arrested or disappeared by Iranian terror forces in Rojhilat-Kurdistan .

Iran assassinated many Kurdish leaders-politicians and Iranian oppositions also in Europe and latest was behind of a planned terror actions in France where the agents of the terror regime have been jailed by the Belgium-German and European anti-terror team.

Speaking on a Online-Zoom conference, organised by the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), the Kurdish politicians and academics from all parts of Kurdistan highlighted the persecution, execution, intense arrest, torture, brutality, oppression and terror of the Iranian terror regime.

They underlined that the situation of the Rojhilat (East Kurdistan occupied by Iran) getting worst and over 100 Kurdish youths-activist have been arrested again and many Kurdish kolbers (poor Kurds living with border trade) have been killed. Each year dozens of Kurdish kolbers are murdered by the Iranian Islamic mulah regime.

The conference issued a final statement with 19 points and call to the international actors to act against all pressure of the Islamic regime against Kurds and all people of Iran. All participants in the Rojhilat conference strongly condemn the occupation policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Participants point to the absence of a judiciary, the rule of law and strongly oppose executions and blackmail in support of civil society activists in all spheres and political prisons.

“The people of East Kurdistan have made many sacrifices against the occupier system of Iran. During the last 42 years this policy of occupation has been made worse and more difficult. Intimidation, harassment and blackmail, execution of activists and increased”.

The organizations, independents and political parties that participated in the conference agreed on the strengthening of national unity, the development of a pluralist memory, democracy and mutual understanding.

The participants also call on all parties, especially the political organizations of East Kurdistan, to work together to puts pressure on the terror regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The participants strongly condemn these economic and military plans, which could lead to the deterioration of the nature of Kurdistan. Like soil, forests and air. In addition, this may be due to the presence of wild animals and birds.

The Conference expressed its support for the protection of the Federal system of Iraq and South Kurdistan (KRG) and asking that both Turkey and Iran should stop to intervene KRG and Rojava.

The Congress emphasized the need for joint cooperation in all four parts of Kurdistan.


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