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Kurds declares victory over ISIS
The last bastion of jihadist ISIS gangs, Baghouz in Deir al-Zor province in North East Syria, will be taking by Kurds very soon. The victory over ISIS should be declared on 8 March in Women day and it should be dedicated to the Kurdish women fighters.

Kurds declares victory over ISIS

By Roni Alasor

Brussels, 4 March 2019 - Middle East Diplomatic - After four years and nine months intensive fight, Kurds ending the power of ISIS / DAESH terror gangs they gained from 2014 in Iraq and n Syria. The last bastion of jihadist ISIS gangs, Baghouz in Deir al-Zor province in North East Syrian in Middle Euphrates River Valley, will be taking by Kurds very soon.

Since last week, thousands of thousand terrorist members of ISIS have been captured by the Kurdish led SDF forces or they surrendered them along with their families. The number of ISIS members, including their family and civilians reached already over 42.000.  

After declaring a “Islamic state” in Iraq and Syria, ISIS become a nightmare not only for all Middle East, but also for Europe and all over the world. We remember well how the European nations were living in big fear to have a normal life in streets and to use the collective transports. Thanks to be to thousand of Kurdish young women and men who sacrificed their life for Kurds, Middle East, Europe and all humanity !

Kurdish commander of democratic SDF forces against ISIS, Mazlum Kobani said that until now, Kurdish YPG and Kurdish led SDF forces lost around 10.000 women and men fighters in war against ISIS, and number of injured fighters is over 20.000. In Kurdistan Region (KRG), around 2000 Kurdish Peshmerga lost their life and about 10.000 injured. ISIS terror gangs also lost many tens of thousands members.

Kourtay Kourkmaz, one of the SDF commanders saying that "We have not only fought against some bearded, brutal-looking guys. We fought against a best-equipped project and a mentality of organized cruelty."

Now, the victory over ISIS terror gangs should be declared on 8 March in Women day and it should be dedicated to the Kurdish women fighters who played a important role in war against terror, without forget thousands of the victimised Kurdish-Yezidi women and children.

Since 2014, this self-described terror-caliphate killed many tens of thousands of people and carried out hundreds of terrorist attacks around the world. ISIS killed over 2000 people at least in 29 countries and injured many thousands.

Only in EU/Europe, from 2014, as a result of more than 70 terror attacks, over 500 people killed and more than 5000 civilians injured. Most of those terrorist attacks were organised by ISIS or inspired by the same gangs. They used bombs, suicide attacks, but also guns, knives and vehicles.

The most deadliest attacks of this period was November 2015 in French capital Paris where around 130 people killed. But as the result of Nice truck attack in July 2016 over 80 civilians lost their life. The three well coordinated terror actions in Brussels Airport in Zaventem and in Maalbeek metro station cost over 30 people, around 340 were injured..

But, also UK, US, Germany, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Nederland, Finland and other countries suffered from the terror attacks and lost some hundreds of citizens.

US military sources believe that, around 38-41,000 foreigners have travelled from more than 50 countries to join ISIS in Syria and Iraq. But many of them are killed. European security and intelligent services believe that around 6.000-7.000 gang members returned back to the country they were lived last.

The number of foreigner terrorist captured or surrounded by Kurdish lead SDF was over 800 in 3 weeks ago. But since last week, the number of those criminal gangs increased to around 2000, according Kurdish sources.

What is the next ?

Power of ISIS is ending now. But what will be the next ? Its unknown which kind of terror group will replace ISIS or Al Qaida gangs. Therefore its important that US-EU and Russia should cooperate closely and reminds in Middle East region until a stabilised Syria and Iraq. Protections of Kurds, who played a crucial role in war against terror reminding a big responsibility : US-EU and Russia should not let Kurds will be punished by new terror gangs organised and supported by the Middle East’s states.  

Kurdish PYD Representative to the EU, Abdoulselam Moustafa saying that “Kurds showed a great responsibility to protect all humanity since 2012. While many countries were in shock in the begining what to do against ISIS, Kurds could show to the world that ISIS could be defeated by stopping them first in Kobane in 2015 and all other places in Rojava and in Northern Syria. Now its time for US-EU, Russia and all over the world to show the solidarity with Kurds and pay respect what they did for humanity”.


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