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Will the EU impose sanctions agaainst Turkey ?
French President Emmanuel Macron demands the EU sanctions against Turkey for violations of Greek and Cypris and Turkeys deeply involvement of civil war n Libya. (Photo: Cyprus-Mail)

France demands for EU sanctions against Turkey

Will the EU impose sanctions ?

by Roni Alasor

Brussels, 23 July 2020 - Middle East Diplomatic - French President Emmanuel Macron demands the European Union sanctions against Turkey for violations of Greek and Cypriot. He also call the EU to act over the crisis in Libya where Turkey is heavily involved.

The Turkish and EU member Greek-Cyprus conflict also provoked EU-Turkey relations where France now demanding that the EU countries should go for sanctions over Turkish violations against the state sovereignty of the two EU member countries.

After meeting with President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades at the Elysee Palace in Paris,

President Macron said that he “stand fully behind Cyprus and Greece in the face of the Turkish violations of their sovereignty. It is unacceptable that the maritime space of (EU) member states be violated and threatened”.

Meeting between the two presidents came two days after Erdogan decided to send Turkey’s navy for seismic surveys in sea area between Cyprus and Crete. The relations between two NATO allies Ankara and Athens and occupied Cyprus has been worrying tension in the last months.

President Emmanuel Macron also asks to the EU to have a common policy towards those who do all those kind of violations against EU and EU member states.

Turkey is also deeply involved with Islamic terror gangs from Syria, Rojava, Libya and as well as war against Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan regions.

While the EU foreign ministers agreed on 13 July to prepare additional listings within the existing sanctions framework on Turkey’s drilling in the Eastern Mediterranean, Germany and some EU member states try to negotiate and find a way before the EU decide for serious sanctions.


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